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Future Development


Future Development of the Department of Business Administration

Over the course of establishment, Department of Business Education has designed its objective based on Shih Chien University’s mantra to “inspire an intellectual, innovative, and pragmatic approach.” We also refer to the College of Management to meet society’s demand of managerial personnel, with the goal to cultivate dedicated and globally aware individuals through the emphasis of practical teaching methods and enhancement of global perspectives. 

In summary, College of Management's objective is to "institute a practical and multi-cultural platform." Department of Business Administration corresponds to the aforementioned ideals and consider the available resources to formulate our educational goals. We intend to attract and educate prospective students interested in the field of management to become pillars of firms and corporations. Our strategies are as followed. 

Our goals:
► Bachelor program: To cultivate ethical and capable individuals into reserve personnel.
► MBA program: To cultivate ethical and capable individuals into specialized personnel.

Development Strategies:
1. Adhere to the mission plan to “inspire an intellectual, innovative, and pragmatic approach”.
2. Expand the perspective of faculties and students through international exchange programs.

Two defining characteristics of our department focus towards utilizing textbook principles and heightening global awareness. They are important premises factored into student curriculums and faculty employments.

To instruct students to effectively apply theories, we use a variety of strategies:
1. Theoretical Education: We offer comprehensive courses in management, economics, statistics, calculus, accounting, information technology, ethics, and commercial law. We also promote three module programs to strengthen students’ professional expertise: Finance Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management.

2. Multifaceted Learning Environment: We provide an extensive selection of learning opportunities outside of the classroom, by ways of lecture sessions, intern options, and school-wide competitions. We also invite financial specialists and executives to host various seminars and workshops. They will assist students to write and publish their thesis. 

3. Reinforcement of Moral Values: We require students to participate in mandatory community service, monitored in small groups. 

To enhancement student's global awareness, we practice the following methods:
1. Increase the number and selection of fundamental courses in foreign languages.
2. Encourage students to participate in intercollegiate seminars and workshops.
3. Encourage students and professors to publish their business cases.
4. Increase the number required of credits from 24 to 47.
5. Invite foreign exchange professors to give lectures.
6. Host annual exchange visits between prospective sister schools.
7. Institute various exchange programs with our sister schools.

We evaluate our strengths, weaknesses, and available resources to make the best use of our expertise:
1. Fulfill our objective and goals: In recent years, Shih Chien University actively promotes the holistic education model, concerning with the development of every person's intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. The mission to “inspire an intellectual, innovative, and pragmatic approach” is based on the above values. Department of Business Management seeks to engage students in the process to cultivate ethical and capable individuals into specialized personnel. With a strengthened faculty, we provide lesson plans tailored to conform to the fickle social trends by responding to the ever-changing industrial developments. We encourage new, creative ideas for students to take charge of their personal and collective responsibility. 

2. Satisfy the demands of related sectors: As corporations expand under globalization, the number of technical and administrative employees sees a steady increase. In contrast, the number of high level executives declines. Due to a lack of expertise, experience, and seniority, students resort mostly to entry level or administrative positions upon graduation. As the consequences of outsourcing and corporal mergers threaten the existing business models of corporations and enterprises, a lack of exceptional career prospects hinder students' future. Our department responds to these pressures by adhering to our educational goals. We intend to educate our students to not only become competent, but also devoted and ethical professionals. They should also exhibit global awareness and the flexibility to adjust to the fickle environment. 

3. Maintain our competitiveness: We observe and analyze the methods of competing school, including Soochow University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Tamkang University, Ming Chuang University, Shih Hsin University, and Chinese Culture University. As a whole, they show an inclination to instruct through traditional methods. As a lack of exposure and confidence in global perspectives during high school limits the expertise of our students, reinforcement in these areas become the focal points of our lesson plans. In comparison, our department offer many opportunities not promoted otherwise, such as internships and module programs of financial and industrial subjects. Led by professors, we host case study competitions and publish selected works by graduate students. We also actively participate in international exchange activities, seminars, programs, and English taught classes. All of the aforementioned examples confirm our efforts and contribute to our mission to provide a practical and multi-cultural learning environment.


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